Violet doily rug

A violet one.
I guess many more will follow :)
It's so nice to play with patterns and color.


Lisa said...

Wow, you're on a roll, Claudia :) I got your letter yesterday, thank you! And I'm sad to tell you that my monstera didn't make it, despite all your good advice. But I think it was ill bacuase it had strange black spots everywhere… Maybe I'll try again later.

Queen of Carrot Flowers said...

I love watching your doily rug family grow!

Anna @sweet life said...

Your rugs are so beautiful! and it's wonderful how productive you are! Hope you have a nice weekend, love/Anna

Sanne said...

Gorgeous!!! I love your rugs, they are amazing. Would love to make one myself. What yarn and needle do you use?

coco said...

i like coming here and look at your pretty crochet work.

Isidora said...

you work like a machine

Mdmslle. said...

Dieser ist besonders schön geworden! Wünsch dir einen tollen sonnigen Sonntag!