Crocheting & enjoying the warm evening sun on Sunday.
Hope you had a nice one, too!


Anna Emilia said...

Pretty day!

blackviolettea* said...

Looks verrry nice!:)
and good brown color for crochet works:)
in Kyiv warm weather too! +18 in day!

Ilse said...

Here we did not have much sun yesterday, but today and the rest of the week it will be sunny.
Have a nice day!

PS I have now also a chihuahua <3

studio meez said...

Here it was sunny too but it was working indoors which makes me wish we had a garden.

Isidora said...

on sabbath i was resting in a chair in front of my house and enjoying the sun. i love spring!

cococita said...

Love the silhouette photo!
Spring is in the air :)

Lisa said...

Oh, that second doily is very pretty! And I love the shadow-picture. So exciting that spring is finally here, isn't it?!

Alicia said...

nice! And lovely chocolat doily!

[sen.siˈʝes] said...

die sonne tut so gut. ich bin so glücklich über den frühling :)
das letzte bild ist einfach toll!