So much mail!

Anna sent me this happy yellow package :) such a nice idea! It was filled with sweets from Sweden and tea and a lovely letter on Beatles stationary. Thank you, sweet Anna!
From Lily I got even twice mail, a hand painted bird postcard and a letter with fish stickers and a little fish painting arrived directly on my birthday. She must have read how much I love fish, so it was a double surprise! Thank you so much!
Some time ago I participated on this swap of Anna on her blog al di la degli specchi. I was one of the lucky one's who was picked to send her tea and she sent me in return this beautiful handmade brooch with extra surprises :) Thank you, Anna, I hope my package arrives soon, too!
I was very happy when Sara asked me to do a swap. Not much later this great package arrived. It was filles with vintage treasures! The squirrel brooch is so nice, maybe she knew how much I love to feed the squirrels in the park :) Soon she will open a webshop with vintage and hand made treasures, so be prepared and have a look at her site!
Last but not least a very unexpected package from Isidora. She sent me a bunny photo that I especially liked when she showed it on her blog and some pretty wool. I don't know what to say! That was not necessary, really! But I appreciate it a lot, thank you!


Anna said...

Oh Claudia what a lovely package!! you looks so nice with the brooch!!
I hope it recive soon your tea!!
Have a lovely day!!

Mdmslle. said...

Love the bunny picture & the little squirrel button!!! You're a lucky girl!

Isidora said...

well, i felt like it is necessary since there was and accident with last mail. and you sent much more things last time, so don't worry. :)))

Snövits äpple said...

Oh how lovely. And I´m so glad you like my package. A nice thing is that Swedish Anna, who you received the yellow mail from, and I are becoming friends, hanging out together in Stockholm and so. That is really nice :) Sara

the Blue Rabbit House. said...

You've been spoiled with so many wonderful things! I especially love the squirrel.

trishie said...

What gorgeous things you received! I love the squirrel brooch

studio meez said...

Lucky girl!
I'm still amazed that people send the most beautiful things to eachother with so much love. It makes me happy!

Anna @sweet life said...

I'm so glad you liked it! :) A sweet package for a sweet girl. (I realised after Christmas that I forgot to photograph and make a post of the last lovely package I got from you before I ate parts of it (the chocolate) :( next time I'll be faster.)
And I agree with Sara, finding friends through blogging is wonderful! come and visit Stockholm and hang out with us! :)