Moving cards

Finally an english version of my moving cards.
(Available in my shop now)
Here the sun is gone and it rains, but the plants outside already needed it.
Have a great weekend!


coco said...

you always finding something to do and the new card is pretty.
claudia, coming here seems to make me feel relax these days and thanks for keep sharing your daily lives.
yes, i enjoyed making baby items and now i am going to do that again. first, i am thinking about making rabbit tote bag for my niece.

cococita said...

This card is so beautiful!
It's grey and cold over here as well, but like you see, some water will be good for the plants.
Wishing you a beautiful and creative weekend dear Claudia!

Queen of Carrot Flowers said...

such cute cards, I love the little houses. And that apple blossom looks gorgeous too