Month of snail mail

Really, I think I never ever got so many packages like this last month. It's incredible and always such a joy to open them and see what's in them. Also I think I never made so many packages myself in such short time.
This lovely letter is from Julie. So many sweet surprises, I especially love the tiny doily and the vintage bird stickers. I will hang the doily on my Easter arrangement :) Thank you, Julie!
Lily does not stop to spoil me, she sent me this birthday package with a new paper clip for my collection, pretty blue fabric & lace, funny stickers and layers of a cactus that she has many years now. I hope it will grow roots soon :) Thank you so much!
After I sent Ellen a little surprise letter, there came something back so quick. I could not believe my eyes when I saw what she had made for me. A stitched picture of myself sitting on my rocking chair while crocheting, you can even spot Sunny playing with his ball on my carpet. I really did not expect something special like that! I will frame this piece of art for sure! Thank you so much, also for all the other things, the painting of the horse is great, you have a very unique style!

Before I forget, Ellen has a giveaway on her blog now!
Go, have a look and give it a try!
Last but not least, my friend Julia wanted to get rid of her stationery and because I could use it, she sent it to me, but not only that, she filled the package with a lot of little surprises and a birthday card. Thank you, Julia, I hope you will soon get my package, too!


emmel-prutsemieke said...

o so nice of you to mention my blog. I included the little crochet square just to make you laugh (and then trow it away) It was my first try of a granny square. I improved a lot right know;-)
I am glass you like your portrait!

emmel-prutsemieke said...

I mean glad! And you deserve to receive so much snail mail!!

cococita said...

Isn't it great to have friends all over the world? Love to see all these delights to the senses: enjoy their beauty and their delicious taste! :)

Snövits äpple said...

Claudia! Guess who just picked up the most amazing package in the post office... Me! :) Thank you so much for the gorgeous dollie rug. I LOVE it!!! And thank you so much for the very pretty little animal friend, I was so happy to get such a cutie from you. And the letter is so nice too, I love what you wrote about you hoping we will be friends and in touch for a long time. We definately will :) I love my dollie rug. Will show it on my blog this week, for sure. Hugs Sara

Snövits äpple said...
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Julia said...

hi claudia,

hab dein paket heute bekommen! wow!
der druck von deiner fisch-zeichnung ist einfach nur super! ich kannte die zeichnung ja schon aus deinem blog. ich muss noch einen passenden rahmen finden, dann häng ich das an die wand. könnt es ewig betrachten. da bekomm ich direkt lust auch wieder zu malen.... mir fehlt nur die zeit und ruhe dazu.
die birdies sind auch süß. sind das magnete? ich wollte die hübsche verpackung noch nicht aufmachen und so halten sie nicht an der kühlschrankwand (meiner magentsammlung) oder sind sie zum kleben?
und der gestempelte hase ist sowieso ein hit. aber mir gefällt ja schon kategorisch alles, was zwei löffel hat *g*
vielen lieben dank nochmal!!

Sewon said...

Wow, Ellen is amazing! What a beauuutiful stitched picture of you. P.S. It looks like a seriously good snail month! <3

studio meez said...

So many amazing mail!

Snövits äpple said...

And today I received your beautiful letter with all the beautiful little items. I am so happy to get to know you. Will write back soon and tell you more about myself. xxx

Mi Joya said...

Happy mailboxes = happy people!!