5 things

I've been tagged by Juultje in this blog game
about telling 5 personal things about yourself.
5 things you didn't {want to} know about me

1. I can't stop buying toothpaste, I have always at least 5 different at home, same with dental floss.

2. When I make pictures I always watch out that there is no car around, I don't like cars on my photos.

3. My very first career aspiration was to become an opera singer.

4. I like long underwear on men :)

5. I have regularly lucid dreams where I'm totally aware of dreaming and where I can do everything I want without harming myself. Mostly I fly around or go to supermarkets to eat all the candy.
I don't tag anyone specific,
everyone who want's to play, is welcome!


Juultje said...

I love it!! I wanted to be cartoonist, carpenter or a mum:-)

Isidora said...

interesting answers! i suppose you after all sing, at least while having shower! ;)

wide-eyed-tree said...

actually I wanted to become an opera singer as a child because I knew I can't sing well and for me opera was like for people who can't sing hahahaha :D

Isidora said...

hahaha. totaly awesome.

Alicia said...

long underwear like in the western movies?

wide-eyed-tree said...

:) long underwear like this:

Ilse said...

hahah nice to read those things from you. but euh 5 tubes of toothpaste?

[sen.siˈʝes] said...

ich schmunzel immernoch über die lange unterwäsche!

Lini said...


Anna @sweet life said...

Haha, very funny :) I got your package today, thank you so very much dear dear Claudia! It's so beautiful, it made me very happy :) :) :) Very sweet of you. Lots of love! /Anna