In my mailbox

Some time ago Nadine who has also a little webshop, actually two (BASTELEINvonKLITZEKLEIN-Schmuck + BASTELEINvonKLITZEKLEIN) contacted me to do a little swap. I picked some of those little glass fly agarics and she surprised me with one of her selfmade key fobs. Very nice surprise, I hope it will bring me luck :)
Yesterday I got another package from Indra. I was looking forward to it already because she told me before what she will send me :) the Morran Book Project where I also participated with an illustration back in October. It is such a great collection of illustrations from creative people all around the world. You can still get your own copy here. (And it is for a good cause!) Thank you so much, Indra, I appreciate it a lot!


Mdmslle. said...

Du Glückliche, soviele wunderschöne Sachen!

Isidora said...

thise cherries are absolutely gorgeous