New stamps

2 new stamps I have made for myself and my little online shop.


Bye bye Christmas tree

I'm slowly getting better. Not so our Christmas tree. His time has come, now he is waiting in little pieces for his cremation. He was a good tree! ||| My new rug is getting bigger and bigger. I am using all my wool rests for it. That means a lot of threads to be sewed up in the end. But I think it's worth it.


Magazine health program

My cold turned into a painful sinusitis :/ so I ordered these magazines (gaarn & handmade Kultur) to distract myself from being sick.


This and that

After years my white orchid decided to finally bloom again which really is a nice surprise. I printed one of my shirts and started a new crochet rug. Yesterday I also carved some new rubber stamps. Pictures will follow. Unfortunately I got sick, but at the moment it really seems it is hard to escape, so many people around are having a cold. Hope you are doing good and enjoy your weekend!



My mother surprised me with this monstera plant. I wanted one since long time, but didn't find it in the shops. It's such a pretty plant. And yes, we still have our Christmas tree :D


Mountains & music

Some more pictures of our mountain trip. I saw several hot-air balloons, but most of them have been very far away. I don't want to imagine how cold it must be up there. Something I haven't told yet, I am teaching myself to play ukulele. I have to say that though music is an important part of my life, I am not very musical. I love to sing, but I know I am not good at all, haha. My sister is teaching herself guitar, ukulele and now she even has a banjo. She sings great! I am very proud of her! Maybe someday I am good enough to play together with her :)


Winter wonderland

Dear readers, sorry for all who have worried about my absence, I am fine, I have been on a trip to the mountains with my bf and Sunny. In contrast to Vienna there was incredible much snow! Making walks was not so easy. The snow reached up to my knees and sometimes even higher. We had a good time without tv and internet. Once we even built an igloo. You can see it on the last picture. It was big enough for us to sit inside comfortably. I hope you are all doing good! More pictures to come...


Crochet flower pins

Before christmas I made these crochet flower pins with little ladybug buttons sitting on them. One I already gave my sister and the others I will possibly add to my shop. I think they go nice with winter coats or knitted pullovers or vests. Have a lovely weekend!

Vintage finds

Now because Christmas is over I can finally show my recent vintage findings. Most of them were gifts. The wooden butter or soap mold (I'm still not sure what it is) was a christmas present for my mother and the 4 tiles with the fruit images I gifted my father. This beautiful knotted bag is still with me, I'm not sure if I will keep it or also give it away. Let's see...



Claudi in action :) haha, look at my left foot :D


Knitted news

Green socks, that my mother knitted for me when I was there. ||| Sunny's new jumper that I knitted two days ago. Did I ever mention that I love this little guy? :) :) :)



Hey you, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year with a lot of nice people around, with good food and comfortable evenings!
My year ended with kind of a shock. The forest near my hometown where we always use to go for a walk is gone! Completely chopped down. I nearly couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw it. It really made me sad. I don't know why they did this, maybe they make a plantation there, I don't know...
Oh and we still have no snow, it snowed a bit on New Year's Eve, but nothing stayed laying. It was good to have a little computer break, I also didn't watch much Tv, but I knitted a hood for myself and a new jumper for Sunny. When I came back to Vienna some really nice mail was waiting for me, I will show you some pictures soon.