Guess what! I baked! It's true! I can hardly believe it! I am 30 years old and the only christmas cookies I ever made was gingerbread back in 2002 and one time meringue with my friend Simi (you can see the movie here) back in 2007. Now on the 10. of december 2011 I managed my third time :) I searched for the easiest recipe that I could find, changed it a bit and it worked! I'm very happy 'cause you must know I normally have no patience at all in the kitchen and I am the queen of burnt food!

The recipe (for 2 persons):
50g sugar (I used brown sugar, I never have white one at home)
100g butter
150g flour
1 egg
cinnamon + cocoa powder {you can experiment here}

Knead all ingredients for the dough and place at a cool place for half an hour.

Roll out the dough and cut the cookies.

Bake in the pre-heated oven at 170 degrees for about 15 minutes.



kristina said...

Ich backe so gerne Plätzchen und ich habe schon einen wahren Backmarathon hinter mir...Deine Plätzchen sehen sehr lecker aus!

[sen.siˈʝes] said...

wie lustig ich bin auch ein kleines disaster in der küche :)
glückwunsch zu den nicht verbrannten plätzchen :)

Lily said...

Mhhh, die sehen echt lecker aus!

studio meez said...

Yummmmm! Now I want to bake cookies!

bellefleurdelis said...

thank you for showing this claudia,
it really cheers me up and i will try it out in the next week.

Alicia said...

oh, very little ones :)