Something new

Carved some new stamps. I thought it's time for some christmas motifs and the Kitty I made especially for a friend who loves Hello Kitty (of course the Kitty is not for selling to safe the trademark). ||| My paper clip collection is getting bigger and bigger thanks to my sweet snail mail friends. Latest new clip is the dog bone and the one on the right side from dear Karolien. The full package you can see here in my snail mail set on flickr. :)


studio meez said...

I'm happy you liked my package and the clips (they are from my own collection ;)

the blue rabbit house said...

Looking at the set, you must've received beautiful items and treasures already! I just love your collection. I'm glad I could share a penguin and a rabbit one to make your collection complete.

[s.n.] said...

aaawwwwww, nein! wie süß!! alle drei!! <3 ganz große arbeit, liebe claudia! wunderschön! <3

wusste gar nicht, dass du die klammertierchen sammelst! :)

liebe grüße,

Leen said...

Thanks so much for your stamp tutorial.
I must have used kilo's of patatoes over the past months! haha...this is such a good way of making stamps.
Where do you buy the rubber.I'venever come across it anywhere...but that might be because I never looked for it before.

Also love the paperclips!

wide-eyed-tree said...

@studio meez: Oh, yes I did! Write you back soon!

@the blue rabbit house: Yes :) Thank you for your clips! Do you also collect them?

@{s.n}: Danke! Ja seit ich immer wieder einzelne Klammern geschenkt bekomme wird die Sammlung ganz von allein größer :)

@Leen: You're welcome! There is only one shop in Austria where I know that I get these rubber blocks. It is:

For smaller stamps you can use normal rubber, but not the blue/red ones, use the more plastic like rubbers.

demie said...

God! you are good! : )

Anonymous said...

seltsam, habe letzte nacht von dir geträumt ?
obwohl. du hattest längere beine ;-)
hoffe dir gets gut!

Moose @ the forest said...

I love your stamps so much, they are so nice. Have a sunny weekend.

[sen.siˈʝes] said...

the hello kitty stamp is so very cute. i am sure ur friend will LOVE it :)

Leen said...

thanks for your sweet comment and explanation :-)

wide-eyed-tree said...

@demie: Thank you!

@Otto: Hallo Otto! Schön, dass es dich auch noch gibt! Ich hoffe, es war wenigstens ein schöner Traum!

@Moose@theforest: Thank you, that's so kind of you!
I'm happy that you like them!

@sen.si'jes: Thank you, I already gave it to her and she liked it :) Happy bout that!

@Leen: You're welcome!

Anonymous said...

na von dir kann man doch nur schöne träume haben ;)

Fox in love said...

Never seen such clips! Very interesting! And you get very beautiful stamps! I tried to cut once. I already thought that everything ok but when done on paper, it is not so good as I thought.