Leaves - round 6

Most of them you probably have already seen here, only the laburnum leaves are new, but I want to show them all in that style. You can see them all together here on my flickr page.


In My Wild Eden said...

I love your leaves! They are beautiful.

Wiebke kritzelt said...

Hallo :-D
jaa es hat ne Weile gedauert, aber jetzt bin ich wieder im "flow" sozusagen ;-P Bei mir passiert leider immer alles phasenweise.
Uiii deine Blätter sind toll :D Printblock oder Linoldruck?? Ich muss mich erstmal in Ruhe durch deine Seite scrollen und nachholen was ich verpasst habe ;-P
Liebe Grüße

demie said...

you are a lovely artist. your leaves are really wellmade!
i adore them! .... thank you for your good words the other day. they are highly appreciated : )

Kelly Zarb said...

Awesome leaves as always,have a lovely weekend.

Leen said...