First of all: Thank you so much for all your kind wishes for my recovery! Yesterday I replaced bed with nature for a short time. I really needed that a lot, but still I feel like a knocked down animal on the street. Patience is not my strongest point, especially when I can't do anything creative and just have to rest. At least Sunny dog seems to have his joy jumping around in the sun :)


Georgina said...

Die frische Luft hat sicher gut getan, jetzt sollte es nicht mehr lange dauern, bis du wieder ganz fit bist :)


[sen.siˈʝes] said...

das bild von sunny ist einfach großartig. so sieht freude aus!

studio meez said...

Sunny looks so happy! Hope you feel the same too soon!
Take care!

coco said...

i am glad that you feel better enough to go outside at least.

Lilli said...

I didn't know that Sunny could fly!
Glad to hear you're better. I hate being sick, such waste of time.
<3 Lilli

Sewon said...

Oh I'm glad you're getting some fresh air! My entire day today was just spent inside. I'll head out tomorrow, but I'm a bit afraid. Here's to speedy recovery and good health!

Alicia said...

wow! Sunny looks like a kind of feline :)

The Queen of Carrot Flowers said...

glad to hear you are feeling better, gorgeous photos as always

wide-eyed-tree said...

@Georgia: Ja, hoffentlich! Meinen Freund hat es inzwischen auch schon erwischt :/

@sen.si'jes: Ja, er hatte echt viel Spaß, ist immer eine Freude ihm zuzuschauen!

@studio meez: Oh, yes, I hope so, too :) I think I'm over the hill now.

@coco: yes!

@Lilli: Yes, he can! It looks so funny :)
I hate it too, especially when it lasts long. then i get very impatient.

@Sewon: Yes, fresh air is the best! Hope you feel better, too!

@Alicia: yes, that's true, he has something catlike

@the queen of carrot flowers: Thank you!