Ordinary day

1. Sorting out things and arranging them new relaxes me.
2. Eating zucchini again and again. This time: yellow one fitting to this magazine from the organic supermarket. Best things in life are for free, so was the magazine :)
3. One of my plant cuttings surprised me with a flower!


demie said...

your ordinary day seems so colourful and lovely ... and i love your prints for the previous post : )

coco said...

i think it is a reward to plant lover who shows lots of love to living creature.
i like quiet ordinary days even though exciting unusual days i needed sometimes. enjoy your rest of the day.

lili's skies said...

I discovered your blog and I love!
The photos are very beautiful

studio meez said...

I like your ordinary day!

coco said...

i am thinking about repotting my plants in terracotta, getting some idea from your photo