1 • Two cups & milk jug from the second-hand shop.
2 • My strange food habits: rice, mozzarella, apple & salt.
3 • A beautiful stamp set from South Africa.


demie said...

your strange food habbits look interesting ...mmm

eva vercauteren said...

Oh, these cups and milk can look beautiful! I wouldn't hesitate buying it either. :)

Jessica said...

I received a nice little postcard in the mail today :) It's very cute - especially as I am reading a book that is about the history of the apple at the moment! Thanks doll.


bellefleurdelis said...

lovely stamps and lovely cups as well !

Thumbly said...

I love those cups and the envelopes you showed in the previous post. You are really creative. Your packet is on its way Claudia :)

[sen.siˈʝes] said...

die tassen sind ja schön.
du sammelst briefmarken.
mmmh, magst du mir mal deine adresse geben?