Evening walk with my friend Susanna. I haven't been in Schönbrunn for a while now. Since we have Sunny I don't go that often anymore because dogs are not allowed to walk in. The atmosphere was great, all the flowers are still blooming and the sun was really pleasant.

Plants ready for soil

Enough holiday pictures. Now it's time to get creative and care for my plants again. Some of them did not survive my holiday, because when I was away there was a heatwave in Austria which I didn't expect at all. My nasturtiums all died and my geraniums don't look good either, but they will survive. But some of my plants really liked the glass house situation in our flat. My bay tree finally starts to get new leaves. After unpacking everything from our trip I decided to put my avocado and one part of the plant cuttings (tradescantia fluminensis) I got from Lotte via mail in soil. Sunny was stealing the water from my other plant cuttings in the meantime. I had to capture it, it looked so funny!


Sardinia part 4

This was my favorite place. It is called "Costa Paradiso" and it's really living up to it's name. I love those big rocks that also continue under water which makes an amazing underwater scenery. A wonderful snorkeling experience. Wish I had an underwater camera with me!


Sardinia part 3

This beautiful beach was in the North-west of Sardinia. We had a lot of fun jumping around in the sand and watching the sunset when all the others already had left. Generally I enjoyed the evenings the most, when the sun was not so strong anymore and all became more quiet.

Sardinia part 2

Part 2 of our holiday pictures. I was searching for shells a lot, but unfortunately there were not many, but I found this crab arm :)


Sardinia part 1

I'm back from a wonderful holiday in Sardinia. I will make 4 posts with holiday pictures. It was the first time that I had not enough space on my camera to capture all the beautiful moments and things. The weather was extremely hot, I needed some time to get used to it and we did not do much except for visiting different beaches every day, swimming, snorkeling and soaking up the sun.


For all tea lovers

{music: Andrew Bird • The Giant Of Illinois}

Aren't the things we don't have to do, the most enjoyable?
The ones that just arise from nothing, the ones we don't get payed for?

Printing cards

Stood up early to print some more cards. Now I can finally place my logo on printed items as well. It's fun! So far I had only a label for my sewed things. After my holiday break, I will update my shop again. Enjoy your day whereever you are!


Some time ago I participated in a giveaway from Lisbeth of The Red Notebook. I didn't win, but she was so kind to send me something else. Here it is, a very delicate embroidery and a matching photograph of a beautiful red flower. Lovely! Thank you a lot, Lisbeth!



As you may have noticed, I made new logos for my blog and shop. It was very spontaneously and much fun. I wanted to make something very simple. Later I made stamps of them to decorate the envelopes I am sending away and other things. On the last picture you can see my fun paper clip collection. The first pair was a gift from Jessica, the pair in the middle is from Eva and the last 2 I got myself from DaWanda. Whoever had this idea, it's great! Soon I will make a blog pause and will hopefully return with a lot of pictures and hopefully some suntan and a head full of ideas or even better an empty mind :)


Sunday smile

Another rug is finished! In the middle of working I was upset with the colors, I nearly wanted to stop with it, but then I worked further and now I'm happy how it came out. Wish you all a summery Sunday!


3 things that made me happy during the last days

1. The color of peaches.
2. Eating flowers.
3. My white geranium getting it's first flowers.
What makes you happy recently?

Surprises from Anna

I get so many packages recently :) I hope I don't bore you with showing them all the time, but I think next to sending something back, it's my way to say thank you. This package came from Anna. She seems to be such a positive girl, that makes me glad! The package was full of colorful things. I just love the cards - they touch the child in me :) And the key reminded me immediately of the key collection I had once. The one on the last picture (right) is the only one that remained. Maybe I'll start a new collection now. I love those old fashioned keys :)


Simple bag

Yesterday I sewed this simple beach bag for my holidays. I wanted to do that for so long now, but never found the proper ease to sew. The fabric was waiting for over a year now in my fabric box. I printed it with one of my self-made stamps. {click} The dress is also sewed by me already 3 years ago. {click} I still love to wear it! I hope sewing for summer makes the summer come back :)