Today I washed all my vintage undergarment that I have since my childhood now. I remember masquerading with my friend and stepping into another world. ||| I made these tea pot cards and a package for someone special. ||| And sometimes I have to admit that I am a little strange, but only a little bit :) I collect the whiskers of Sunny that I find on the floor and I also keep his baby teeth. I keep it all in this beautiful box I got as a souvenir from Prague some years ago.


Juultje said...

Love the prints! Always when I buy pretty envelopes and papers to send to someone, I almost don't want, wanna keep them for myself:-)

Thumbly said...

I like the fact you are strange. And I adore your vintage garments. Pure beauty!

coco said...

whatever you do, you make your life beautiful and fun.
It is ok to be little strange..i am too. you are very honest person. have a good weekend.

demie said...

you are weird. i like you

Mia (Somliga dagar) said...

You gave me today's big smile! I LOVE your new curtains and I think you should keep them there! Beautiful and fun at the same time.

Learn something new today... i didn't know dogs lost their whiskers.

eva vercauteren said...

It's not strange at all, I find it rather cute. :) The new stamps look so lovely. And these vintage garments must mean a lot to you.

bellefleurdelis said...

I love this kind of dresses very much, i wear them to sleep with. I still have a whisker of my first cat and also a few hairs and put them in a little book such a long time ago, i often wrote about my cat in this book as a child, little stories.

Lilli said...

I, who hate curtains, have to reconsider now! I tried to do the same with my dresses, not thinking about how the sun would bleech them all... It's not strange, collecting memories - it's much stranger not to do it, I think.
Love your prints, but then, I like everything you make.
Happy weekend, Claudia.

wide-eyed said...

@Juultje: :) I know what you mean, in the past I also found it hard to give my handmade things away, but it gets easier...

@Thumbly: :)

@Coco: That means a lot to me!

@Demi: :) That's sweet of you!

@Mia: Actually I just hang them there to get dry again after washing, I had too less space on my clothlines, I always lack of space for everything here :) - but then it looked so pretty, I had to make a picture. Oh, yes, they do loose them like the normal hair. Also poodles I'm pretty sure. They are not so easy to find, but I was lucky :)

@Eva: I wanted to post about it long time now, but was a bit reserved and wondering if I should at all. Thank you!

@Lotte: :) Thats so nice, I find whiskers special somehow :)

@Lilli: I love curtains, but am actually not allowed to have them, because of my allergies, but I try to wash the ones I have as often as I can.
Thank you so much for your kind comment! That means a lot to me! Wish you a good weekend, too!

[s.n.] said...

ich kenne jemanden, der sammelt alle möglichen tierschädel, die sie zb im wald findet! ;)
von daher find ich die idee mit sunny`s zähnen eher total süß! :D

liebe grüße,

[sen.siˈʝes] said...

ich hab auch noch die babyzähne von einem meiner hunde :)

kassiopaia said...

Das mit den Zähnchen und Schnurrhaaren habe ich bei meinem ersten Kater auch gemacht! ^^ Ich habe sie immer noch, obwohl mein Katerchen schon seit zwei Jahren weg ist. Ich werde immer ganz sentimental, wenn ich sie anschaue.
Naja, bei meinen "neuen" Katern habe ich das nicht gemacht, die habae ich aber auch erst bekommen, als sie schon keine Milchzähne mehr hatten. ;)