Ocean feeling

Yesterday we were at the old danube again. Weather was hot and very windy, so the water felt a bit like the ocean with the waves. I'm so happy that Sunny enjoys the boat trips and water also so much. I'm a totally water person. Wouldn't it be nice to live in a house like the little yellow one? I would go swimming everyday in the mornings before doing my work :)


Thumbly said...

I'm a water person too! Our home is 900 meters from the Sea and I couldn't live without it. The Danube is wonderful, so the yellow house :)

Mdmslle. said...

So schön! Und bei uns regnet es fast ununterbrochen :-/! Ich hab schon die warmen Winterhausschuhe rausgeholt. Also genieß die Sonne!

(Schnell noch die Antwort auf deine Frage: ich muss erstmal alleine umziehen, weil mein Freund hier noch Vertrag hat. Aber das ist hoffentlich nur eine Übergangsphase!)

Mia (Somliga dagar) said...

I can absolutely "see" you in that yellow house.

Jessica said...

I echo Mia :)

Lilli said...

Oh, Sunny is so sweet, he really looks relaxed. I'm very curious about that third image - did you take that from above. It's a great shot!
The yellow house looks very tempting, but I live by a river and it's very cold. At least here in Norway. I thought I would be swimming every day, but the water never reaches a temperature I can survive. I grew up by the ocean, but I'm a forest-person. And fields, love fields.

[s.n.] said...

total schön! da würd`s mir auch gefallen! :)
... und genial, wie sunny das genießen kann! :D

liebe grüße,

wide-eyed said...

@Lilli: Yes, I took it from above, It nearly looks like an underwater picture :)
I think living in Austria by a river would be not so bad, only in the winter. I love forests, too!

kassiopaia said...

Auf der Donau wolln wir fahren, wo das Schiffchen sich dreht,
und das Schiffchen heißt Gummiboot und der Sunny fährt mit. :D