Snail mail & printing the Sky

1. Recently I started to revive my love for letters again. I used to have many pen pales, but it became less and less. Now I have found some really great people in blog world who are sharing the same love in snail mail. I'm not using my dressing table for doing my make-up, actually I never wear make-up, I am using the table for writing mostly.
2. I made this card for the birthday of my pen pale Katrin, the only one who remained of the many pen pales I had when I was younger. We are writing each other for over 16 years now!
3. Also I printed the sky scenery on a piece of linen. It took quite a while, but I think it looks nice.


coco said...

you use your own time so effiently. air-balloon in the sky looks nice.

Somliga dagar said...

Love love love the way you've taken the first photo. It's like a scene from an old movie with you as the star in your red dress.

Lena said...

Der Stoff sieht echt klasse aus. Da hat sich die Mühe gelohnt. :-). Liebe Grüße

ameskeria said...

oh! nicely done!
And what are you thinking to do with that beautiful piece of fabric?

Alicia said...

yes, what are you going to do??

[s.n.] said...

ich hab`s eigtl so gut wie nie geschafft meine brieffreundschaften aufrecht zu erhalten... :( ausser eine: haben uns dank einer wette über`n viva videotext kennengelernt und viele jahre miteinander geschrieben. er kommt aus`m ruhrpott, haben immer noch ab und an kontakt (aber nur noch über fb)! :)
den stoff mit deinen stempeln zu bedrucken war eine ganz geniale idee!! :D solltest du mehr davon machen (auch die anderen stempel), dann gib bescheid... ich wäre eine potentielle abnehmerin (ggn geld natürlich)! :D

liebe grüße,

wide-eyed said...

@Mia: :) thank you :)

+ Alicia:

my plan is to also make some pieces for the shop. I would like to make bigger pieces, but that's kind of hard in our flat. i would need much more space and I can't work on the floor, Sunny would come and walk over the fresh colour :) and I don't want to lock him away.

@Sarah: das war auch mein Plan, solche bedruckten Stoffe für den Shop zu machen :) Ich hab es ja schon ewig vor, aber du weisst ja wie das ist, viel zu viele Ideen, viel zu wenig Zeit ums alles in Ruhe auszuarbeiten ;)
Liebe Grüße + schön, dass es dir gefällt!

Anna @sweet life said...

That is so very beautiful! the birthday card is so lovely, and the fabric looks great. I always feel so inspired when I've visited your blog :)

Anna @sweet life said...

And thank you for your lovely comment, it made me smile :)

Lini said...

der stoff is echt genial!!!