A lot of green these days.


coco said...

you must be kiwi lover, I like it too

Celestine said...

I just want to jump into the grass. I like its length nowadays, yesterday I stopped biking just to listen to the sound of the wind going through the grass.

So I really like your green.

zit... said...

i love green! (well, and blue, I think is quite obvious ;D)
i hadn't been around here in a while but I found lots of lovely photos, happy sumer!

ameskeria said...

Hi Claudia!
That little plate with dots is so cute!
The green of the last pic is almost fluor!! I guess that's because you had a lot of rain last winter....

wide-eyed said...

@coco: Kiwis are great, I love a lot of fruits!

@Celestine: Oh, I know what you mean, I also love how the fields move in the wind, it is so relaxing, and when I eat I look out of the window to see the leaves moving around :)

@zit: Thank you! Colours are something great!

@ameskeria: I also love the little plate, it was a gift from Lotte :)

[sen.siˈʝes] said...

green, green, green
love to see it everywhere :)