Exotic plants

My father borrowed me a book about how to grow exotic plants and there I read that peanut plants need to be watered a lot. Before that I read the opposite. I'm quite confused, but I watered my plant a little more now and it seems it is doing better. I'm feeling sorry now for my peanut plant that I obviously treated it so wrong. Also I read that avocado pits like it dark until the top of it starts to split and the sprout appears. And I felted the doily. It's always a nice surprise to see the felted version.


[s.n.] said...

dein erdnuss-pflänzchen wird`s dir sicherlich verzeihen! dafür wächst sie jetzt umso stärker! :)
hab auch noch zwei austreibende avocado-kerne in gläser stehen, die muss ich nun unbedingt einpflanzen. gestern hab ich mich ausserdem über meinen mango-kern informiert, der ist nu auch bald dran! :)

liebe grüße,

Lotte Janssens said...

Hope your peanut plant will come out good! I had to visit your blog today !

Somliga dagar said...

My avocado pit was placed in the window the hole time. I've grown peanut once and I don't think I water it more than any other plant. Once it start to bloom I used a soft brush to pollinate the flower and after that the magic starts to happen! :-) I'll keep the magic a secret for now. ;-)

ameskeria said...

Hahaha, a little too much information!
Nice to know it's getting better! It seems so dificult to me to grow exotic plants, I'm not very good with the garden things... But I love plants anyway :)

Alicia said...

i like this doily. Beautiful color!

Anna @sweet life said...

Peanut plant!! Wow! looks very nice!