Two stamps and one beautiful creature

I made a snail mail stamp yesterday and some time ago a fig leaf stamp, that I haven't showed you yet. Also I added a curry leaf stamp to my shop. On the way to the post office I suddenly saw this moth on the ground, at least I think it is a moth. I have never seen such a beautiful moth before in Austria. Look at the colours, what do you think? I am glad I had my camera with me!


Anna @sweet life said...

Nice stamps! And such a beautiful moth! I think it's a moth too, but have never seen anything like it! looks like something in a children's book :)

Lena said...

Glaub auch das es ne Motte ist. Wirklcih hübsch. Und dein Stempel, die Schnecke, sooooooooooooooo süß. Liebste Grüße

eva vercauteren said...

You're indeed so lucky that you had your camera with you! What a beautiful insect. I normally don't like them, but this one surely is pretty.

I love the leaf-stamp so much!

Somliga dagar said...

That is an amazing little moth! So beautiful. And so are the stamps.

Lilli said...

Hi again Claudia, so very glad to see you again. Moths are beautiful, very intricate little creatures. Glad you had your camera too! The stamp is simply beautiful!

coco said...

Dear Claudia♡
I received a beautiful package with lots of lovely things inside. It is so sweet of you.
The bird's post card is so beautiful.
Love the herbal tea. Cinnamon, rose, herb tea...these all smell so good! how do you know what I like?!
and the bracelet is adorable. I will wear that in from now on. Was the postage expensive? but thanks for your very sweet gift and letter. YOu really made my day yesterday after long day at work.

[s.n.] said...

der schneckenpost-stempel ist vlt süß!! <3

tolles tier! die farben sind wirklich ungewöhnlich! aber schöön! :)

liebe grüße,

Kristina said...

die stempel sind super schön!! wie machst du die denn genau? muss ich auch mal versuchen!!
liebe grüsse aus bern, kristina

Kristina said...

oh nein, hab gerade eben erst deinen shop gesehen!! super schönes sachen, dann muss ich die stempel ja gar nicht selbst machen sondern einfach bei dir bestellen :) von daher musste mir natürlich nicht dein "betriebsgeheimnis" verraten, sorry :)

bambi kann beißen said...

ich hinke hinterher. so viele schöne posts. die fesselballonbilder find ich wunderschön. ich sehe solche ballons hier immer nur mit werbeaufdrucken.

und die farben der motte. inspirieren mich.

herzliche grüße

Celestine said...

Such a beautiful moth. It's like somebody took his paintbrushes and coloured his coat.

Jessica said...

What pretty colours. I hope you're well doll - I'm living without the Internet at the moment so I can only take little peeks at work. x

wide-eyed said...

@Jessica: I already miss you in blogworld :) Hope you are doing fine!

Celestine said...

I spotted him in a book today. It is a: Deilephila elpenor.


Wiebke kritzelt said...

wow die ist wirklich wunderschön :-D