On the danube

We had another great boat trip on the danube yesterday afternoon and saw a swan couple with their swan babies which was quite adorable and Sunny finally got to know someone who is as curious as himself :)


Lini said...

das wetter is sooooo schön derzeit!!!

Mdmslle. said...

Uh, Schwäne sind ja schön, aber irgendwie hab ich einen Riesenrespekt vor denen! Ich wünsch euch ein schönes sonniges Wochenende!

eva vercauteren said...

It's nice that Sunny doesn't want to jump out of the boat due to his curiousity. I'd love to do a boat ride like that. A few years ago I almost bought a houseboat, but because of strange rules in Antwerp, you're not allowed to live too long in the harbours.

Lena said...

Ich bin ganz neidisch, dass ihr noch so tolles Wetter habt, bei uns sind Regen und Unwetter angekommen bzw zu mindest gemeldet. Sunny sollte aufpassen das der Schwan ihm nicht ins Näschen beist ;-). Schönes Wochenende noch. Liebste Grüße

coco said...

♡hmmmm~wa, so sweet. I love this kind of scene. it is nice that you have lakes near by.
Enjoy rest of your weekend.

Jessica said...

Gorgeous! x

Malin said...

Oh, you have a brave dog. I´m afraid of swans.

Lisa said...

The adventures of Sunny always makes me smile :)

handmade romance said...

what an adorable looking day! the swan babies are so cute. and sunny is lucky to not fall in too : ) x

The Breakfast Lover said...

Oh! this is lovely! in Mallorca we dont have any river!

wide-eyed said...

@Lini: Ja, endlich, waren sogar im Wasser gestern :)

@Mdmslle: Ja, stimmt, die können zieml. agressiv sein!

@eva: He sometimes nearly fell off the boat, but it would not be bad, he doesn't fear water and is a good swimmer actually. Once he fell off a higher wall into the sea in croatia which was quite dangerous, but fortunately he didn't hurt himself!
I once had a friend who lived in a houseboat in the netherlands. Must be quite nice to have a houseboat!

@Lena: Ja, das Wetter ist toll! Sie haben zwar jeden Tag Unwetter voraus gesagt, aber wir sind jedes Mal verschont geblieben!

@coco: yes, true! I love water a lot, so I am quite happy to have so many lakes and rivers around, but it would be great to have also the sea a bit nearer :)

@jessica: :)

@Malin: I can understand that you are afraid of swans, they can be quite agressive! You always have to take good care.

@Lisa: Me too! It's such a joy to watch him :)

@handmade romance: no problem if Sunny falls in the water, he is quite a good swimmer and doesn't fear the water.

@theBreakfastLover: Oh, that's a pity! But you have the sea around which must be wonderful as well!! I would love to live near the sea!