Strawberry bloom

1. Today I cleaned my desk (I can work so much better when all is clean and orderly) and made prints of some of my drawings.
2. On Sunday my father gave me this Strawberry plant. He brought it home from a trip to Italy. I have never seen a Strawberry plant with pink flowers before!
3. Felted the doily I have made during the boat trip. It worked well again.
Thank you for all your kind comments to my new rug and generally!
They made me very happy!


studio meez said...

Your new doily fits perfectly with your chair! I'm curious about your drawings.

ameskeria said...

oh! that print is beautiful!!

Mdmslle. said...

Unglaublich, dass die Pflanze schon Erdbeeren trägt! Rosa Blüten hab ich bei Erdbeeren auch noch nie gesehen, vielleicht schmecken sie dafür umso erdbeeriger! Vielleicht zeigst du uns ja einige deiner Drucke? Ich wär neugierig ;-)! Liebe Grüße!

eva vercauteren said...

I see strawberryplants everywhere lately! I'd love to keep one, as I love to eat them. But I'm afraid I'll do something wrong to it.

Lovely doily!

Alicia said...

thank you for your nice words claudia, ah, and lovely strawberry plant!

Maggie said...

Ah, your strawberry plant is blooming! I have been thinking about getting a strawberry plant, but I didn't' think it would do well enough indoors...yours give me hope to try it out. :)