For the big mistakes

Couldn't resist buying this huge rubber and I have a new geranium which should get purple flowers, hopefully. I wish you all a nice day!


Lanapelana said...

Yes! I love the XXL rubbers!!
By the way take care of your tendinitis,and draw a lot, is the best cure! ;)

Mdmslle. said...

I need such a rubber! Amazing! Bought a lot of flowers too today, some for our garden, some for my dad's! Wish you a wonderful weekend!

ameskeria said...

I love the rubber!!!
Do you know I've killed all the geranios I had? Only the cactus and the potus survive me! I'm afraid I'm the nigthmare of some Kind of plants.

Lisa said...

Hihi, I think that rubber is very funny :) And lovely Geranium, I'm curious for the flowers!

I hope your arm is getting better allready, take good care of yourself, Claudia!

bambi kann beißen said...

ich finde es sehr hübsch bei dir. bei den pflänzchen, der maschenkunst und dem kleinen (anbetungswürdigen) hund.

lieber gruß