Felt wool

I tried out some of the felt wool that I got from my friend Irina to my birthday. I made a big yellow doily out of two skeins and felted it in the washing machine with 40º. To my surprise it didn't change much. (you can see it in the before/after picture) The size is still pretty much the same, but it looks a bit felted and the curves became prettier. I think I will try to felt it again with higher temperature and spin speed.


eva vercauteren said...

It looks a fun wool to work with, too bad the result isn't what you wanted. I know some felting-processes need soap. Maybe add some soap? Good luck with the second try and I hope it'll work out the way you want!

Lini said...

is ja fast unverändert...hmmm hast eh kein wollprogramm oder waschmittel gnommen?

Yannick said...

Hallo :)

Du hast echt n' super Blog!! Gefällt mir sehr gut!
Weiter so!!
Bin sofort mal Leser geworden :))

Wäre toll wenn du mal bei mir reinschauen würdest und mich vielleicht auch verfolgst :)

Liebe Grüße

Lisa said...

Such a bright colour, I love it! It really brings the sun into your home :)