Finally I got my new CUT magazine. It's one of my favorite magazines and I am always looking forward to it. Unfortunately it comes out only twice a year, so waiting is quite hard :)
Some days ago I started a new rug. This time I want to use a lot of different pieces of wool, but in a similar colour tone - so there will be a lot of threads to be sewed up in the end, which is not my favorite part of crocheting, but I hope it will be worth it and makes finally an interesting look. We will see!


ameskeria said...

that is not my favorite part either, but I think it will be an awesome rug!
Have a good easter weekend, Claudia!

coco said...

how big are you making it?
The color is very nice, warm, cozy color!
I need something to cheer me up today....and the rug color was one nice one for me.

eva vercauteren said...

I really like the rug you're starting. I've been thinking to purchase one when I move. So I think I will contact you soon! :)

wide-eyed said...

@coco: Thank you! I don't know yet how big I will make it - we will see :) At least 80cm diameter

@Eva:Oh that would be lovely! I think it would be a very nice thing for a new home :)

[s.n.] said...

der neue teppich sieht jetzt schon klass` aus, der wird sicherlich ganz wundervoll!

liebe grüße,

wide-eyed said...

@sarah: Danke, ich hoff's halt mal, dass er was wird ;)
Frohe Ostern!!

Lisa said...

Your rug looks very pretty, again! Thank you for sharing CUTmagazine, it looks like a very nice booklet. Enjoy the weekend!