Boat trip

On Saturday we made an 7 hour boat trip with our very comfortable rubber dinghy. The weather was perfect, it was an awesome day! I hope you also enjoyed your Easter weekend!


eva vercauteren said...

Crocheting while have a boat trip sounds just perfect! Especially with this weather.

Mdmslle. said...

Unglaublich, häkelt auf dem Schlauchboot! Und wer musste die ganze Zeit paddeln? Hach, das macht Lust auf Sommer!!!

wide-eyed said...

Haha, stimmt, mein Freund durfte die ganze Zeit brav paddeln :) Aber dafür hab ich unser Picknick vorbereitet :)

coco said...

It looks like you had a very nice day. Is that you on the photo, Claudia?
You can crochet anywhere, can you.
So lovely photos.

diarte said...

OMG! My day has nothing to do with yours!!! I would die for spend the day knitting on a boat!!!! :)

wide-eyed said...

@coco: Thank you!
Yes, that is me :) I have never crocheted on a boat trip before, but it was actually quite fun.

@diarte: I hope you can do that someday, too!