Today R. and I bought annual tickets for the zoo Schönbrunn. Very practical, 'cause it's not far from where we live. Again it was a wonderful warm and sunny day. I was really taken by the ant bears and their lovely face with the small mouth and little ears. The one in the picture was actually sleeping but he was blinking at me when I came close. Too cute!


Mdmslle. said...

Das hört sich nach einem tollen Ausflug an! Und wie süß der Tapir-Bär schläft, richtig goldig!

ameskeria said...

It is so cute!!
I leave near to the zoo too, but They don't have any special ticket for a year... can you believe it? I really like go to the zoo :)

wide-eyed said...

@ameskeria: Here they have these annual tickets only since some years, but I think it's a really good idea. I hope your zoo is offering such tickets too in the future!