Cactus friends

Yesterday night I crocheted some friends for my Amigurumi cactus. The one in the middle I decorated with a little pink pompom which I think looks also cute.


EsKa said...

Ich finde die soooo suess!! Wirklich toll gemacht. Gibt es dazu irgendwo eine Anleitung?



wide-eyed said...

Ja, die Link zur Seite, wo ich die Anleitung her habe, habe ich im vorigen Post angegeben. Einfach drauf klicken und unter "Labels" findet man die Rubrik "patterns". Dort ist unter anderem auch der Kaktus zu finden :)

Trollringen said...

I can't believe your creativity, Claudia. If you keep it up, your life will be a long and happy one.

Thank you for the information about Etsy, I wasn't aware of that. Must be hard to come up with something 'new' all the time... one would think that a scarf is a scarf, and a very, very old idea, belonging to noone. Or everyone.
Hugs Lilli

wide-eyed said...

Dear Lilli,
What a lovely comment! You cheer me up!

Yes, business of creative stuff is a bit complicated sometimes. Of course there are many similar ideas and things out there and many people seem to not mind of copyright and sell also things out of books or imitate.
The object scarf is not trademarked but if I sell a scarf that design looks exactly the same like the one that someone else invented before, it's stealing ideas.
Also I'm absolutely sure that there are many people who have similar or same ideas the same time. It happened to me a few times that I created something and later saw something similar on the internet. Like for example the cloud cushion I made. Then I always fear people may think I imitated even if I didn't. But I think many have the same problem.

EsKa said...

Ah super! DANKE (hatte ich nicht gesehen)


[s.n.] said...

niedlichst!! :D

Lini said...

NEEEE ihalts ned aus, die sind ja sooo goldig!!!!