I'm back. Thank you for all your kind wishes! I hope you had a good New Year's party! I had a quiet one except for the fireworks of course which was great this year 'cause the sky was very clear. I have always New Year's resolutions, especially 'cause I like change and new beginnings. What about you?


Lilli said...

Welcome home, Claudia! Glad that you had good days while you were gone. Must have been a bit nice being away from the internet.
Photographs are great; looks like konfetti being thrown to the sky!

Just found out today about the 'forest year'; good news for you and me (and for the forest of course) Hugs Lilli

wide-eyed said...

:) Thank you!
Yes, it was really a good thing to be away from the computer for a while! I also didn't do much crochet - slept instead a lot :)
But it's also good to be back again. It's all about the right balance.
The "forest year" is really good news for all avid treehuggers :)