Dog bed

Forgot to show you the new pillow that I made for the dog bed. It's simple, but serves the purpose. Happy dog, happy me.

Rug No. 10


Light in the night

Yesterday night we had a lot of snow - it's a pity that it doesn't really stay. So today it's more like a grey pulp all over the streets. I started to crochet a new rug (will show pictures soon). This time maybe I will keep it for myself :)


Blue star

We had the first snow, but it melted away again. So I made a star for my window to bring back some winter feeling.


Tinsel garland wreath

After I read this post on Creature Comforts blog, I knew that I have to make a tinsel garland wreath, too! So, here it is! It is such an easy and quick project and simply beautiful. Because I didn't have an embroidery hoop I used a bamboo bag handle and for the little extra I decorated it with some feathers.


Merry Dogmas!

Sunny needed a new pullover, so I had the idea of making him something special - a christmas pullover! I decorated it with selfmade green buttons (out of Fimo and glitter). Isn't he cute? Originally I started knitting him pullovers 'cause I didn't get one in his size in shops. They were all far too big! My boyfriend is less happy with my dog pullover creations, he preferes less conspicuous ones, but I couldn't resist once again :)


Good day

Today is a good day. I finished the crocheted slippers I made for myself to keep my feet warm, had a nice breakfast with candle light even though the sun is shining outside and I added new prints of my artwork to my shop. Hope your day is as good, too!

Morning sky

At this time of the year I really enjoy the morning sky behind the naked branches of the trees. This is what I see when I wake up and look out of the living room window.



Here is it, the finished baby blanket out of 42 granny squares.


Time for the unfinished

Remember these granny squares? Finally I started to stitch them together and soon I can show you the result. These days are rainy and dark, so R. and I decided to spend some time in a thermal bath. It was so relaxing! I enjoy thermal baths the most when it's snowing outside, but it still hasn't snowed at all in Vienna.


Forest walk

Pictures of todays walk in the forest. Now nearly all the leaves are gone and it starts to look a bit drab. Only the green of the moss is shining out.



Gifted Magazine

I wanted to share with you this beautiful online magazine that I found via CUT. 220 pages of pure inspiration for the pre-Christmas period. Enjoy!


Sweet chestnuts

Today I made a really big walk with the dog all around the place I live. It was abnormal warm for the time of the year. About 20 degrees! When I came back home I had my first sweet chestnuts in this season. I like them a lot and the good thing is, they are healthy as well.

I heart…

I sunlight on my walls, sparklers and nosy ravens.


Day & night

Today I did some cleaning an rearranging in my working room. Also replanted some plants in bigger pots. Time flies by and it seems only like minutes and it's dark again.


Sunny and the hair dryer :)

Music: MIA • Paper Planes


XL fish key fob Nr. 4

Another XL fish key fob is born and available in my shop.


Flea market finding

On saturday I was on a flea market with my mother and found some red wool and also this porcelain jar from the seventies. I don't know yet for what I will use it, maybe for sugar or salt, but I already like it a lot.

One Lovely Blog Award

I got the "One Lovely Blog Award" from Moni! Thank you!
Now I have to nominate 15 other Blogs for this award and let them know about it.
I won't choose 15, but I will choose 5!

1. I nominate Lotte with her very beautiful inside garden blog. Everything on her blog is lovely and I like her personality and style a lot.

2. I nominate Dawn with her Lovely Paper Blog. I read her Blog now since years and I never get bored of it. Her paper art is so gorgeous!

3. I nominate Sara with her blog .fintfint., where she shows simple & beautiful pictures of her daily life. I recently found her blog and think you should definitely go and have a look!

4. I nominate Sarah. She is also very creative and such a great knitter! I would love to be able to knit such lovely socks like she does!

5. Last but not least I nominate Tania. I have forgotten about her blog for longer time now, but this blog award made me think of how I started blogging years ago and her blog was the first blog I have ever seen and she was a big part of the reason why I started my own blog. I found her blog today again and was very happy to see that she is mother of a sweet baby boy now! Congratulations to her!

Actually many more blogs deserve this award. All the links on the right for example! And many many more of those I read and didn't link. Now it's your turn to nominate :)


Happy B-Day Susanna!

Some more crocheting. On the grey picture is my friend Susanna, when she was about ten years old. Today is her 28. Birthday. I remember how I admired her long blond hair when we were kids. Her mother used to braid it before she went to sleep. I liked that a lot.