Kornkreise • cropcircles

Vor ein paar Tagen bin ich in der Nacht mit der Idee aufgewacht, Stempel mit Motiven von Kornkreisen zu schnitzen. Glaubt ihr, dass Kornkreise von außerirdischen Lebensformen gemacht werden? Ich schon!

Some days ago I woke up in the middle of the night with the idea of carving some stamps with cropcircles motives. Do you believe that cropcircles are made of extraterrestrials? I do!


Fisch am Freitag Nr. 4 • Fish on Friday No. 4

Mein heutiger Fisch am Freitag war ein Geschenk aus Italien von meiner kleinen Schwester. Eigentlich ist es ein Blumentopf, aber ich verwende es als Stiftehalter. Mehr Fische gibts hier bei Anja Rieger

This time my Fish on Friday was a gift from my little sister. She found it in Italy. It's actually a flowerpot, but I use it for my pencils. More fish you can find here: Anja Rieger
Ich hab mir diese Tasche für die Hochzeit meines Bruders genäht, weiß aber nicht, ob sie überhaupt passt, denn ich hab noch immer kein Kleid. Langsam wirds Zeit!

I sewed this bag for my brothers wedding. I'm not sure if it fits at all cause I still haven't found a dress. It's getting time!


house No.6

Yesterday we visited house number 6 again. It is beautiful, very big inside and a huge garden and it's in the middle of a forest. It is so cheap that we were very skeptical about it. We found out that the cellar is totally wet and that it's full of mildews. Also the upper rooms have mildews...It's such a shame!




letter stamps

It's definitely addictiv.


Friday again and time for new fish

My third Fish on Friday is printed on one of the bags I made. It's a reversible bag. If you get bored of its look, just turn the inside out and you get a red bag.

All the other fish you can find on Anja Riegers blog!



Sometimes the plush toys I make happen to look a bit peculiar. This one even looks a bit scary :)


wedding preparatory work

My brother is marrying in a few weeks and I have the privilege of making the graphic part for it. These have been the invitations. I will show you the rest soon!



Grey Bag

Now available in my DaWanda Shop


Hello sunshine!

Finally we had some summer weather today! Ideal for a long walk in the nature. We saw many snakes and this dead mole. Look at his adorable little hand he used to use for digging.


"Heart Bag"

Also available in my DaWanda Shop

my Fish on Friday

My "fish on friday" I have sewed some years ago when I started to sew. I still have it.
"Fish on Friday" is inspired by Anja Rieger


Yesterday I finished this dog jumper. It's also available in my DaWanda shop.


Button revival

*now in my SHOP*