On the way...

...to a really cool and cheap fabric paradise (shop) with Simi. I bought metres of tulle in loud colours! *happy*


I believe in a thing called love

Hey, finally it's snowing here! And even though everyone is complaining, I like it!


Remember my mushroom living on a tree that I used to visit? They killed him and his tree!


Your day

Actually I wanted to draw something positive today…


It's only a game

I'm not really happy with it, but I show it anyway.



Know that I love you
Know I dont care
Know that I see you
Know Im not there
{Nick Drake}


I found a reason

The boy done wrong again…

…Hang your head in shame and cry your life away
The boy done wrong again
Hang your head in shame and cry your life away
Are you ok now?
{Belle & Sebastian}


Getting over my hate on knittig

Last time I knitted when I was 12. I had to knit a pullover in school and when I finished half a year later, I had grown out. I so hated it and I never wanted to knit again. Some days ago I tried to knit again. I wanted to make a hat for myself, but it turned out to be a baby hat :)