I'm with you

Nice weekend to everyone!



Pictures of before Nina, Caroline, Simi and I went to a theme party. The theme was "the sea" and Simi and I went as fish of the Indian ocean haha and Caroline and Nina were the oil spill :) It was such a fun!



Another cap...

I made this cap. It's one of my favorites, but it has one side effect. Obviously it's the fountain of youth. People think I'm twelve when I wear it. Very funny :)


*new buttons*

I'm grateful today. I'm grateful that there are still peculiar and loveable people out there :)


...time goes by...

My life seems a little bit strange at the moment. Somehow it feels like I'm stuck in the moment and on the other side a lot is happening. My friend Simi and I are building up our graphic design office/business and working on logo and homepage. I'm quite happy that winter is coming somehow. But at the same time it's scary how fast time goes by.



I just came home from a nice walk in a park in Oberlaa with Susanna. I like the cold fresh air.

To accept to be different – maybe thats the hardest part in life

Happy Birthday Susanna!

Today is one of my best friends 24. Birthday! This is what I made for her. The duck got a scarf cause it's already snowing here :)