Mr. Mushroom

This years fall is really great! Yesterday I was going for a long walk with my friend Simi again. We visited my lovely giant mushroom who is living on a big tree. I found him last time. He is huge! I dont have a name for him by now, maybe you can help me find one :) You can see he gives spiders a home and he is also able to sweat. He´s the coolest mushroom living on a tree that I have ever seen.


Little Boy Blue

Well, the first one you loved broke your heart like straw
I was sound asleep, I didn't see it at all
My heart's in my hand, I'm gonna give it you
Well, your heart's like stone and I can't reach you


Viva la nostalgia!

This is a gift for my brothers 28. Birthday which is today! I painted our favourite and special :) Capatain Future on it. We used to to watch it when we were little. Im sure he is happy with it :)


Was it your choice?

Far away

Im not happy with it but I show it anyway.


Fall for fall

1+2: New pouches for pencils, cosmetics (I never wear make-up, but maybe someday?) or whatever
3: New wallets out of Capri Sun packings (this is not my idea, I already saw bags out of different recycled packings in Amsterdam but I think its cool!)
4+5: Case out of Maganzine covers for keeping postcards or photographs
6+7: Gifts from fall
8: He still doesnt know what he is, but he doesnt mind anymore :)


Today I want to show you 2 paintings that I really love since I first saw them. The first one I saw at the Orangerie when I was on a study trip in Paris in 1996. Its from the french painter Marie Laurencin (1885-1956). I love the colours and how the girls look. So lucent and innocent.
The second picture is from the austrian artist Helmut Kand. When I was about 17 I had a pan pale who was in prison who sent me a post card of this painting. The titel of it is "Dich fresse ich zur nassen Dämmerung" which means something like "I eat you in the wet dawn".



I am not in this world to be like others want me to be.


I let myself

I let myself fall
I let myself fall
I let myself fall
in love with you

*Disco fever*

One of my t-shirt designs for Mosquito-Spirit. Pretty commercial but they have fixed ideas, so I will send them this and also some other suggestions tomorrow.