1. I found this picture in a dutch magazine. I absolutely love it. Its from the brazillian artist Speto.
2. A few days ago i made this lamp, that shines in the shape of a heart
3. Disco ball with selfmade feather angel
4. Yes, its true, leggings are in again :)
5. I really have a pink phase at the moment. I made pink curtains out of bed ticks
6. My pink bed


Avoid rocking chairs!

My arm hurts cause yesterday I fell off a rocking chair at a friends flat when i was stupidly playing with it. Im glad that I didnt destroy anything in their home. Summary: I dont have luck with rocking chairs. When I was 17 I fell off my chair while learning maths and crashed into a rocking chair with my head so bad that i had a brain concussion afterwards. Maybe rocking chairs are bad and guileful or I just cant sit still :)


Somewhere else in the universe...

Originally i wanted to show three of some pictures i drew two years ago, but blogger is very slow today and i have problems with uploading pictures, so i will try to post the third one tomorrow.


Rainy day

Anything better to do on a rainy day than drawing and reading magazines?